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The Body Shop cashback frequently asked questions

When you make a purchase at The Body Shop through a cashback portal, the portal receives a commission from The Body Shop for driving traffic and sales. A portion of this commission is then paid back to you as cashback.
Yes, signing up and using cashback portals is typically free for shoppers.
The time it takes to receive cashback varies depending on the cashback portal and their specific terms. It can range from a few days to several weeks.
Some cashback portals may have specific requirements such as minimum purchase amounts or using certain payment methods. It's important to check the terms and conditions of the cashback portal you are using.
Not all purchases may be eligible for cashback. Some exclusions such as gift card purchases, taxes, or shipping fees may apply. It's best to check the terms on the cashback portal.
Cashback is typically paid out in the form of cash deposited to your account on the cashback portal. You can then choose how to withdraw or use the cashback.
If you experience any issues with missing cashback, you should reach out to the customer support of the cashback portal for assistance.
The ability to stack discounts, coupons, or promo codes with cashback may vary. Some portals may allow it, while others may not. It's advisable to check the terms of the cashback offer.
Each cashback portal may have its own limits or restrictions on how much cashback you can earn on specific purchases. Check the terms and conditions of the portal for more details.
You may need to provide some personal information to sign up for an account on the cashback portal. This can include your name, email address, and payment details for cashback transactions.
Cashback is usually not offered on purchases made using gift cards. It's recommended to make purchases with other payment methods to be eligible for cashback.
Earning cashback through reputable and established cashback portals like is generally safe. However, be cautious of any potential phishing scams or fraudulent activities.
Cashback is typically not earned on returns or cancelled orders. The cashback amount may be adjusted or voided for such transactions.
In case of returns, the cashback received on that purchase may be deducted from your cashback balance on the portal. Make sure to review the portal's return policy for more information.
There is usually no fee for withdrawing cashback from your account on a cashback portal. However, there may be minimum withdrawal amounts or specific withdrawal methods to consider.
Cashback offers may vary based on the country or region you are making the purchase from. It's important to check the availability of cashback offers for your specific location.
While some cashback portals may have browser extensions or specific requirements, you can generally earn cashback by making purchases through the portal's website using any compatible device and browser.
To maximize your cashback earnings, consider taking advantage of special promotions, bonuses, and exclusive offers available on the cashback portal. Additionally, make sure to read and follow the portal's guidelines for earning cashback.
Cashback portals typically require online purchases to track and credit cashback. Offline purchases may not be eligible for cashback through these portals.
Some cashback offers may be specific to certain products, categories, or promotions at The Body Shop. Be sure to review the terms and conditions of the cashback offer for any restrictions.